Monday, September 27, 2010

SEX...A weapon of mass destruction!!

Many people like to converse about “weapons of mass destruction” and like to place sex in the same category. Imagine a couple that has had a big argument, and one of them chooses to withdraw on sex because that is their way to get revenge. BIG MISTAKE! Most of us like sex…place me in the category of people that enjoy it to the utmost. Is it the Scorpio in me...I guess so. I digress. I believe that if you place that much emphasis on sex, and that the person you are with is that dumb to entertain it, you will not have a great, sustainable, and valuable relationship.

Sex IS overrated. Yeah I said it. A man has said that sex is overrated. Don’t let someone else tell you that it isn’t. If sex was so important than it would not be sold (for such cheap prices) or given away by others for free. Sex would not be downgraded to a lady or man walking the street of the “bad neighborhood” giving anyone who drives by the opportunity to “pay to play” in a cheap hotel, van, car, dumpster, etc.

You as the equal party of the bond, set the “going rate” for sex. If you give it up faster than the change hits the bottom of a parking meter, then it is not that precious to you. It is just another “weapon of mass destruction” to gain an advantage over someone. The latter is true whether or not you had sex with the person the first night you met them or the 456th night that you went out with them!

Continue to use sex as a weapon that and see what happens. Don’t feel that it is a gender related issue. There are men that use sex as a weapon as well as ladies. These individuals do not have any capacity to have a correlation based upon genuine concern and admiration. A relationship based on complimenting the wants (non-sexual) and desires of a person. Interactions in which they are enjoy giving of their heart and soul…rather than their sexual organs and sexual fluids that are expelled. Get with it everybody, if you want to destroy something that is built, throw the grenade of sex into the relationship foxhole and see what happens. You will not only hurt the other party or faction, but you will ultimately hurt yourself!

What say you?

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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