Monday, September 20, 2010

Keep on walking, in your HEELS!!!!

I will not deny my hate for flops! Yes flip flops and sandals of any kind. I have a friend that wears what I call her “battle sandals”. They look like she is a part of the Greek army and about to go fight some war! I always tell her that I will not be seen with those hideous looking things on her feet. She gets away with it telling me her feet hurt and on and so forth and that they are comfortable when walking to and from the subway. That explanation I can understand, so I said just buy a pair of walking sneakers! RETIRE THE BATTLE SANDALS!!

I also hate flops. They are shower and jail shoes to me. I have been to amusement parks when people wear those ugly things and the soles of their feet are just dirty and filthy. Then these same filthy feet people want to get on the water rides…YUCK! I will not ride the water ride, or go into a pool with people that have been walking ALL DAY (or night) with dirty feet!

I had to get the latter out of the way. Now that it is gone let me explain my point.

I am sure I am not the only man that enjoys a woman walking in heels. Ladies, stop telling men how much they hurt your feet and such. STOP IT! We men deserve to see you looking and walking in your best at all times! Truth be told, heels are much better for your feet and back than those tacky ass sandals and flops, but I digress.

I enjoy seeing a sexy, professional, sassy, chic, woman walk in heels. (I don’t like seeing the “my feet hurt walk”…but it is funny!!) I have another friend that transforms into her beautiful, sassy, switch that ass walk when she is wearing her heels and secretly when she walks like that, it turns me on! I think she knows it but I don’t say a thing to her about it. I am sure many men are turned on either overtly or covertly by women walking in heels, but why in the ham sandwich must you ladies wear those damned flops and tacky sandals ANYWHERE and especially to the club out of all places? I saw this action done recently when I went to a club and I almost chocked on my Corona! LOL

All I can say is that IF ( and that is a very big IF) I get married, I will give my wife a credit card account that I will pay for in which all she can do is buy heels and purses (yes I know they must match that is why I added that stipulation). She had better not buy food or a damn drink with that card. It is for the aforementioned and that’s it! I can not have my wife walking around with a shoe game that is not tight. She can fund her own clothes and such, but the shoes and handbag, I will make sure that is paid for!

What do you think?

Should men take an active stand to make sure that his woman wears what the man and woman both like?

Men, would you do this for your wife?

Ladies, is this request of leaving the flops and sandals alone a legitimate request?

What say you?

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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