Thursday, September 30, 2010

So You Call Yourself Daddy, But You Are More Like A Biological Contributor!

The contents of this blog may disturb both the men and ladies in this situation. I feel that since I came from a single parent household, and was a victim of my biological contributor’s ( or father’s) irresponsibility to an obligation (that being me), that I have the right to speak about this issue. In addition, I hope that anyone that reads this particular blog has a new perspective about owning up to responsibilities of any variety since it is a gift and honor to be able to create another human life.

For the guys…

Gentlemen, you are not taking care of the children that you help to make! It is ridiculous that ladies feel the way they do after a night of fervor and missing their menstrual cycle that they really could not depend on you IF she got pregnant. It is awful that they say the latter in conjunction of wondering if they could even count on you to do right in a relationship! This is not funny anymore. Men have this attitude that as long as they pay “what the court” says they should pay, that the men are doing some type of service to a child that he helped to produce…that night, day, and evening, what have you! Do not expect for someone to give you a pat on the back when you do something you are SUPPOSED to do!

Let me come from the scientific and statistical perspective that is not widely in use for you to understand what I am conveying. There is NO guarantee that a man is able to impregnate a woman. There is a 50/50 chance that a man will be successful...whether on purpose or not. In the case that a man gets a lady pregnant it is a 50/50 chance that the child will be a boy or a girl. Moreover, there is a 50/50 chance that the child will be born without any defects. The odds are in limbo, and it is a MIRACLE that a child is born with no serious defects, with the mother surviving, and with few complications.

There are many men out in the world who would love the opportunity to produce children, and have tried various ways medically and otherwise to do so and not have their dream of producing a child fulfilled. There are men that adopt and accept the child even if that child is not biologically theirs. These men gladly and willingly love a child that they did not generate genetically.

Why in the hell (from the blessings that “biological contributors” have been given to be able to impregnate a woman and produce a healthy child) would you not take care of it? This has nothing to do with taking care of the lady, but taking care of the child that you as a man have been blessed to produce. It has gotten to be too common these days that a man is more concerned with stocks, cars, businesses, clothes, status, money, contracts, screwing other women, etc. that they feel a monetary check will raise their child…that a child support check will love their child…that a child sustaining payment is equivalent to hugging their youngster…that a court ordered child support payment is equivalent to cheering their kid at a sports event to urge and support the child. When did a payment or a monetary check become the substitute for child rearing? It is ludicrous that the lady is not only standing there with a positive pregnancy test, and the broken condom to go along with it…because a man…a “biological contributor” is too damn lazy to do anything but get hard, come, and roll out of the scene!

For the ladies and the guys…

Children deserve a lot more than an imbursement to be molded into human beings that have more self respect and dignity than their “biological contributors”. I feel it is an indignity and a crime that this continues over and over and over, and that SOME ladies continue to allow the trend to define their children, the father’s (I use the word “father” loosely) of their children, and ultimately themselves. If both men and women make better choices in whom they decide to sleep with then some of this chaos would not ensue. Primarily, men need to act like men in word and deed and take care of what is theirs. Don’t be upset or surprised if someone else decides to take care of your child…or if your child, when that day comes, decides to NEVER take care of you!!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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  1. when a woman lays down with a man, she should already be taking into consider the consequences...and if him fathering her child makes her cringe or have to wonder if he would be around...she shouldnt even lay down with him...and if she doesnt know him well enough to even have a clue of his values...she should definitely not lay down with him. the 1st relationship we ever experience is with our parents...which subconsciously dictate our adult relationships....we're breeding generations and generations of emotionally underdeveloped humans that suffer most of their life until (if they even do) they heal from their past. its sad to hear of the pastor that preyed on single mothers...mentored their sons, became a father figure to them, molested them, and then kicked them to the curb once they were no longer useful to him (according to the allegations). becoming a parent takes maturity, becoming selfless, and doesnt replace these things.