Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wavelengths, Beats, and Frequencies!

Alright so I will go back to my lab motif, I suppose that was the purpose of this blog, to treat it as a record of what I have done and gone through in this life of mine, and I can say that since writing in this forum...a hell of a lot has happened. With all that has transpired I have never lost what keeps me going for the most part...those ever changing wavelengths, beats, and frequencies of I have indulged in it...played it loud and I have cried to it, smiled to it, and brought back...relived memories with it.

I wonder how miserable I would be if it wasn't for music. I think I have an extra added bell and whistle...because I know how to make and perform music. Some people wonder about the reasons why some artists love to perform Michael Jackson, Steely Dan, Sting, Robin Thicke, Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton. Chaka Khan, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Keri Hilson, and so on...because there is nothing like hearing the crowd applaud and the various possibilities that happen on stage.

I have never played a song the same way ever in practice and live in concert. It is that exciting, and trying to recapture a part of what you did from an earlier concert or performance is impossible. Magic happens instantly and thus...the excitement of live music and live performing. Being in the studio has nothing on live performances...this is where click track Hip-Hop loses it's flavor...spit the lyrics over a live band and it is an instant classic.

My mother came to a lot of my performances throughout the years and also in church. I am glad I was able to play at her funeral...I haven't lost a step in my playing and I am seriously thinking that I need to get back into it on a regular. I will explore that option much further at a later date. Well I am stepping out of the lab but I have a feeling I will be back later today!

I love you but God loves you more!!

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