Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bob Ross, Cheerleaders, Fans, and Tainted Pictures!

I do not try to paint pictures that are not true...and through my experiences I have seen many people try to paint pictures that make them look good not only for themselves, but for their "cheerleaders' as well. I don't need to do that! I have been in the company of those who will not stroke my ego, nor will I make a story look favorable for me...thus to get a feel of what I am trying to explain let's use a wonderful painter... Bob Ross.

I used to watch him all of the time and I enjoyed the creations of art he would cultivate and manicure on his was an experience to hear his calm voice and then see his ability to attack a blank canvas and produce a wonderful work of art...which is HIS own. I realize that the art that we sometimes produce may look good to the eyes we present them too...but in all art there is always a flaw. Thus it might seem to be an easy thing to not detect because we present a pretty picture of what went or what is going on...but look deeper...what is not mentioned is the flaw...a subtle mistake...a cover-up...something you are not supposed to see or pay attention to...Bob had many as what he would call them..."happy accidents" but we knew they were there and as much as we tried to not notice them as viewers he made it clear that he has made mistakes in his art plenty of times...and he can do what he can to eliminate them, but he knows that they are there...and as we are viewers of the creation we know they are there as well.

I do not try to hide my flaws under the umbrellas of others because I may state in my writing who I am...or I may tell individuals what I want them to know so they can be on my I don't do that. A tainted picture is created and thus the emotions of others are turned toward you...and they feel either sorry for you, great for you, want to help you out, pity for you, or dog and down the other individual or individuals in the situation...true conviction will not allow that to happen. I will say that many times this has happened to me...and I have sat back and let it happen, but I have learned that the more one presents themselves to be paraded by and around "cheerleader" the more that their head is not in the game...they don't want to have fans.

Pick which side you want to be you want the fanfare of the cheerleader that can change in an instant?...because you control their emotions by your actions. When you are up they are up, happy...they are happy, sad... they are sad, pissed...they are pissed!

Or do you want the approval of the die hard fan...because no matter what you or lose...they will be mad at you and tell you in an unbiased way what you have done wrong or right...and they will still continue to support you through and true! Stop painting tainted only does you harm, you can have all of the cheerleaders you want...but the fans mean more!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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