Monday, June 15, 2009

Thong..Th- Th- Th- Thong?

I was gathering clothes for my mother to wear for her funeral. So I go into her room and I am looking for her under garments. I find a bra and I place it on her bed...I look for stockings...and I place that on the bed as well. Both were white and I was looking for the matching set of to coordinate for mom even if she is not among the living. I am searching through looking for some panties...and behold...look what I found...OH NO SHE DIDN'T...MOMMA GOT THONGS!! I shook my head and smiled in amazement...Why does this 61 year old woman have thongs? I am still amazed! So now it just makes it official and true...momma had a freaky side to her and passed it on to me! LOL!!! I love you mommy!!


  1. LMAO You are so silly! She had those for the same reason she had a gentleman courting her @ 61. ;-)

  2. Looks like we have something to look forward to at 61!

  3. WOW...61 years old and she STILL had thongs in her possession?!?!?! I wanna be just like your mom when I grow up!!! :-)