Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Flip Flops...Oh So Annoying and A Fashion Hell Naw!!

I can deal with the summer time heat...although I am a winter guy and absolutely love the cold. I can deal with the awful aromas some people have. I can get through the scantily clad people that have horrible arm pit hygiene. I can even be okay with some people wearing items of clothing that you know just don't fit and should never be worn during any season. But the one thing I will not and never like is FLIP FLOPS!

They are jail shoes...heck I wouldn't even call them shoes. They are tacky and should only be worn in the shower. Some people can't walk in them! All you hear is the annoying either sliding their feet on the floor or the people that walk so hard you hear them a mile away. I just feel that they are tacky. Yes I do have a pair of them...but they are only for shower use at the gym, maybe around the house...but I like just socks better. Yes...I do understand wearing them at the beach...and that is it! Not in public places, not in the office, not in stores, if you are not in the shower or on the beach...DON'T WEAR THEM! Sorry I just had to vent. LOL... I am now leaving the lab and remember...I love you, but God loves you more!!


  1. I grew up at the beach in California where flip flops are standard daily attire . . . and the plethora of styles and colors they come in! We have entire stores that sell nothing but flip flops. I must have 20 pairs of them. They are wonderful. Learn to love the flip flop!

  2. Flip flops are a part of my wardrobe during the summer. I LOVE THEM! As a matter of fact, I think I shall post pics of them on FB! :)