Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bad Head!!

I was walking outside to get my lunch and I did happen to see a fine brown frame across the street...she had a very nice body. Now most of us fellas that have some tact and respect will just take a quick peak and smile...unknown to the woman walking by or in eyesight. I suppose another gentleman saw what I saw as well and he turned his head all the way around to get a glimpse...naw...a peak...naw...a great big wide angle look of her butt!! I was laughing to myself.

Why do some men do that? I mean no need to turn your head all the way around because you are that amazed at her face and want to see if her body matches...nah not the way I do things. I will admit that yes I look at ladies all the time and I don't touch, they don't interest me...I am already is just a thing that men and women do. If they like something they see...they look... and they just don't turn their head...ALL THE WAY makes you look bad and desperate.

Enjoy the view of that person you feel is attractive and be tasteful. No wonder many women feel us men are just beasts with no type of sense...come on what the ladies do...get a mental picture and save it for

I love you, but God loves you more!!

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