Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sexual Illusions

In the midst of sensuous, rug burn, freaky, circus sex
My name suddenly changed from Clint to Shawn at sex time check: 2:34AM!
Dick went limp in an instant! No safe word needed!
The fuck face I had turned into the famous puppy dog glare of…WHAT THE FUCK?
So then my questions…

Who the hell is Shawn?
Did you introduce me to Shawn the same way you just introduced him to me?
Who were you fucking first, him or me?
Since you said to me you weren’t that type of chick (‘cause you do have some skills), did you suck him too?
Did your hussie heifer ass use a damn condom with him?
How the hell are you gonna think of him, when I am putting in all this work for you?
How long has this muthafucka been enjoying the shit I have taught you?

*insert male ego here* --------

All I know is that there has been another man fucking you and you had the nerve to call out his name instead of mine!

Sex time check: 3:07AM
After all of my interrogation she says to me that I have it all wrong!
I asked the question most men would ask I this situation…
What the hell does Shawn have that you love so damn much?
She simply replied…
Monthly bloating
Wide hips
Plump ass
Menstrual cycle

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