Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hot Sauce

Sho’nuff ugly, your love is sho’nuff ugly
Funkier than an old pot of collard greens
Nastier than some five day old bacon grease
Love so ugly enough for you and me
Hot sauce won’t even make is gleam
Uglier than a freak on Church Street
Look like someone’s un-pedicured feet
Sho’nuff ugly. I said your love is sho’nuff muthafugly
Every time I see your la-la and your ta-ta’s
Make me lose my high, I sho’nuff can’t deny
I would go down on you and taste, ooh I wish I could
Hot sauce won’t even make it taste good
Won’t even make a brother hard like wood
Wimpy and limply like sautéed onions
Painfully ugly like ten year old bunions
Sho’nuff ugly, I said your love is sho’nuff muthafugly
You know what…somebody’s got to love her
Damn had to add the eleven herbs and spices
Ain’t goin’ home when you’re that ugly
Got an ugly ass baby too
It’s true…it’s true
And I love her…
Yes I must say I do
I’ll let the whole world know
Hot sauce didn’t work too well
But shit, you can’t give up on Tabasco

I Love you But, God Love's You More!

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