Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Family That Stays!!!

The Spring season is in full effect and most of us know what that entails… that’s right… celebrations that families call the family reunion! The setting is chosen and family members from all over the country are invited to have an enjoyable time and to catch up at this (for the most part) annual event.

I can remember the last family reunion I attended. There were pony rides, delicious food from all of the food groups and some new food groups that were invented, card games, board games, and yes even with some families the wonderful t-shirt with the praying hands on the front or back. Many of the t-shirts would also have the slogan “The family that prays together stays together!”. In addition, some families would visit the “home church” on that Sunday morning after the reunion and all members would sit and worship in their designated, roped off pews. Some families will take it to the next level and wear the exact same color on “home church” Sunday to show their solidarity!

It sounds beautiful on that reunion weekend how much family can care about and for each other, until reality sparks! It is quite alarming that the same type of family I just mentioned disappears in the situations of death, marriage, birth, money woes, and illness. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand that not all families are inattentive concerning the aforementioned, but there are many family units that just go away when times get rough.

I come from a fairly large family, and my relationship with my immediate family has been intermediate at best. I can recall that my mom and I were all that we could really depend on…PERIOD! Through whatever may be in the path. We usually got more concern and assistance from those that we did not know as family than those who were blood relatives. It is a shame that those that help us the most are people that have no blood relation to us. The people that show concern and actually act upon it are those that do not share our ancestry.

This blog is not meant to be negative, but to provide a positive reminder. We may have different last names, and not all have the same skin tones…but we all are family. We are fellow brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins and nephews. We should all revisit the element of family and recognize that we are the only ones like us on this Earth and that one day we may need the help of our “brother or sister from another mother or mister”! Let’s not become ghost in the time of need. The very time that you dismiss aiding someone in your immediate or extended human family…don’t be too surprised when some how, some way, some day, you are denied the same aid!

I Love You, But God Love’s You More!

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