Sunday, May 1, 2011


What is the fantasy that has become the reality? I am speaking of the love of balls! I wonder why people in the U.S. love balls so damn much? Balls have become the pillar American society and it seems that it will remain so from my vantage point. The fascination is alarming. Here are some examples:

• Tennis balls, along with the men and women who hit them back and forth….back and forth…back and forth…over and over…on and on…and on…over the net. Got to love the ladies screaming though!!
• Basketballs, and the stars that shoot the ball into the basket. Got to love the Lakers!!
• Footballs, and how they are caught or held, thrown and kicked, fumbled and recovered. Got to love the 49ers!
• Soccer balls, and those balls being the most watched ball in the world.
• Baseballs, and the ability to throw or pitch it, hit to obtain a base or 2 and even a chance to score the ultimate...a home run! Why Barry Bonds why?
• Ping pong balls, and how in the world folks can compete viciously over a little, tiny, minuscule ball. Have you seen the Olympics, the competition is incredible!
• Golf balls, and the fun to be able to have multiple chances to hit the damn ball into a cup 18 TIMES!!… forget Tiger Woods…I am Cougar Jones!!
• Billiard balls and how these balls can be aimed toward and are shot into pockets on an expensive ass table!
• Bowling balls and the skill it takes to knock down pins.
• Volleyballs and the effort it takes to make someone miss it. Serve me a drink not a ball!!
• Porno stars that use balls …well you get what I mean.

The list could go on and on.

But, it is obvious that those individuals who could tell you the velocity, speed, direction, force using Newton’s laws, gravity, torque, momentum, work, chemical composition, acceleration, kinetic energy, potential energy, trajectory, atoms, molecules, particles, inelastic collisions, elastic collisions, and even about the people that play with the balls, etc. are overlooked!

No wonder the country is so damn fucked right now in the realm of education, even without the old fool President Bush (the shoe dodger)! When will the realization occur that if you don’t learn about the balls first, why play with them? Hell even hoes, giggahoes, and whores know that!! Canada is looking real nice to me right now. They don’t use balls as often as we Americans do, they have pucks!

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

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