Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Praying Mother

She closes the pages of the 23rd Psalm
It seems to be the only thing that keeps her holding on
It's hard for her faith not to change
Enduring constant physical and emotional pain
But she opts to take the one choice that erases her fears...
And prays it away

Five dollars left and her child must eat
Somehow she's able to put a meal together until she gets paid that next week
She tries hard to not let her child see
How difficult life can certainly be
Her family members talk a good game
But she knows she can't ask them for a thing
But through all the tears
The only thing that will erase her fears...
And prays it away

You could hear her sniffles in her bedroom at night
Smiling and holding you...telling you that everything is alright
Never blaming the quality of life on an absent man
When she knows she is doing all she can
Even when the end never seems near
But through the silent tears
She knows the only thing that will erase all her fears...
And prays it away

Some people may mistake the journey and call it heartache
When you have taken all that you can take
But you remember that mother
Who wouldn't rely on any other
Than her Heavenly Father...
Closer than a sister or brother
Strength that comes from her tears
Endurance that lasts from all the years
Faith that refuses to change
Knowing that it's a blessing to live through the
Come what may...
Thank Jesus for the mother that
Prays it away

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

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