Thursday, April 7, 2011

Investment Strategy

Anything that is worth having is worth waiting for. If you have high expectations then you have to have a large amount of patience. You can apply the latter statements to the investment strategy. Let me explain.

I look at the dating scene with a different view than a lot of others. I look at it from that "old school" perspective. I am one that believes you have to be friends with that person that you desire to be your mate. Understand that this desire is not at the forefront, it just happens. Yeah I said it!! You do not expect it to happen, it just does.

For example, I can clearly recall letting a young lady know what I wanted in a woman. It was an in depth and series of conversations that were honestly just conversations about what I wanted and also what she desired. I has no intention trying to get her to be what it was that I wanted. She at that time was not what I wanted and i was not really feeling her or paying attention to her in that fashion.

In addition, she told me what she wanted in a man to the point that she took my advice and wrote down, her "top ten" list of what she wants and her non-negotiables. The main thing is that we were JUST FRIENDS! Everyone in our circle knew that we exemplified the true meaning of the word friends. We said we would always remain friends regardless of who we might end up with and always. We were that tight. I will say that we did have our bumps and pot holes in the road, but all TRUE FRIENDS will have those arise.

All of a sudden, our friendship grew into a relationship. How did it grow for me?

One morning I was taking some pictures of her and I took them because she did not have a lot of pictures posted on her web profile, and she wanted to show off her new pant suit. I looked at them when sending them to her and I had determined that I really liked her...maybe even loved her. It was an epiphany of sorts, and totally unexpected. But of course DAMN FOOL PRIDE (Future blog) that got in the way and I did not let her know. Well to make a long story short we did get together.

The important trend in all relationships is how strong the friendship is at the outset. That is when the investment comes into play. You place time and effort into your investment to garner the best return possible. The only difference in the investment strategy for love and relationships is that it is genuine and you are not EXPECTING a return or a profit from your earnings.

What you gain is a person who loves you and cares about you. What you receive in your portfolio is more credit in and from what you have placed into your meaning belief, trust, and of course love to mention a few. The types and positions of investments will fluctuate over time. There will be gains and losses. There will be some give and take whether large or small. I can assure you that you might question your investment and might want to take your assets to another institution. I would suggest you hang in there unless there is illegal and inside trading of emotions, dispersion of lies, cashing checks of dishonesty, etc.

So what is your investment strategy? Has your portfolio been one with diverse investments coming in and out? Is it a portfolio that has not been shared by you with another? All in all the first person to invest in is you. If you don't, you will wonder why no one wants to take stock in what you have to offer!

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

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