Friday, May 14, 2010

I saw "reality" and I changed the channel!

I don’t mean to do it, but sometimes I am curious because I have heard a lot about it from friends and also Facebook status messages that stem from such stupidity as, For The Love Of Ray J.(he and those women are young, dumb, and full of…), to Tough Love (your relationship is that bad you want the world to know and some fool cursing at you and telling you how dumb you are…yeah you are dumb), to Basketball Wives (rich by marriage and circumstance bimbos that have nothing better to do than be rich by marriage and circumstance bimbos with a camera recording their oh so pitiful lives), to The Real Housewives of…you fill in the city (BAFOONERY!!), to The Apprentice (don’t these people know how to retire out of the spotlight and be happy), to Bad Girls Club (Let me see, these girls are so bad that they get to show the world on television how bad they are? Pitiful!), to Survivor (…of what?), to What Chilli Wants (her washed up career back…her ass should want that)…WHO THE HELL CARES! I watched one episode and I am sickened that these people have such affluent lives in the bank account, but such sorry ass lives when it comes to living.

For example, why in the world can’t Ray J. date a woman at a time (or 2 or 3) like us normal folks do? Must this idiot have 20 women living together in a house at the same time and making them endure ridiculous competitions to find out who he wants to be his lady? Do not say he must take these measures because of his celebrity status and wealth that he has to do this bullshit. On the real, (and not hating) if he was all that great and famous of an entertainer, he would not be doing a damn reality show.

Why are these “housewives” (you fill in the city) trippin’ off of petty shit? One “housewife” is bickering because some other “housewife” said something about her and it was not true. Another “housewife” is complaining because she wants to go to Italy but there are no more first class seats. Then another “housewife” who is not married is wearing an engagement ring given to her by a man that is already married (not separated…none of that)…and she wears it with no reservation! Stupid!

Then I watched out of curiosity the basketball wives show and I am about to vomit in my mouth. They shop, drink, and talk just about…wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…EVERYDAY! They have some real issues huh…typical more money more bullshit to me.

Chilli, do you really expect to find a man when you are just as uptight, stuck up, and lost as the people who drool over your show? Go back and sing a song, make an album, make a pizza. It is awful!

These reality shows are sick to me and make me so glad I am not rich and miserable. I am comfortable, blessed, drama free, and happy. These people are just the epitome of sad. It is comical…enough to put on a weekly show. The reality is their sad state of life! I hope you can watch it and laugh I just can’t look at this crap at all…put on some cartoons and live like a kid again!!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

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