Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gender Justice

The change in gender roles in relationships is more apparent now than I can recall. There was a time in which us men were the emotional unavailable, the wall that no one could penetrate, not willing to communicate, out for sex and sex only, not willing to express our feelings, and out for just doing the bare minimum for a woman and everything for our own benefit. Those days are still here but there has been a major shift away from men towards women from what I can see. The ladies are the Players and not ashamed of it and more men are in the role of the ones who want commitment and honesty. What the hell has happened? It sounds like gender justice to me. The one thing a man (or woman) does not want to reckon with is fairness. It seems that the unruly deeds that us men were used to inflicting upon women are coming back to bite us everywhere. If a man lies to a woman and does her dirty...we should expect the same to happen to us...that is fairness...gender justice. The fairness role is in various aspects of life but I feel it is a fear that everyone has, especially in relationships. A rule I would extend to anyone who wants to be or is currently in a relationship would be the following: If it is fair that the result of someone else's actions happens to you in return...then you had better believe that it is fair if your actions make it a result for someone else!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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