Monday, May 16, 2011


We can sit in the dark
In the back
Of a matinée
Create our own plot structure
In the freaky type way
I can’t deny
It has been my fantasy for years
I’ve searched for the lady that has no fears
Of displaying this bad guy, good girl twist of fate
By only paying a twenty-two dollar and fifty cent gate
We can scream when they scream in the scene on the screen
I’ll play your Denzel, Boris, Morris, and Shemar
You can be my Sanaa’, Nia, Angelina, and Jada
Sitting in the dark
In the back
Of a matinée
We’re playing while the movie plays
Getting frisky in the theater night light
Fulfilling wishes, as we perform our own Oscar winning roles
That the Academy has never seen
Such sweet speech and rhyme
Within this picture show of love, in two hours time
Imma make sure you get yours
‘Cause you know imma get mine
At the matinée
In the dark
In the back
Where we sat

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