Monday, May 2, 2011


I don’t know how you expect me to live in your animated world
I am not one who muses in playing games with emotions
From the start I thought I knew you, or I should say
I was getting to know the production you assembled for me to believe
I can’t seem to determine what is genuine and what is virtual
What is actual and what is fiction…
What my common sense knows through commencing all of my life experiences
From what you illustrate as the all knowing certainty
Consider me at a loss when you give
And more confused when you clarify
Someone said believe half of what you see and none of what you hear
But you flip it in your world
If I were to probe into your depiction
What would it show?

Would Thor save the world with his trusty screwdriver?
Atlas would probably take 30 minute breaks trying to hold the weight of the world.
The Sesame Street crew would adopt a highway!
Clark Kent would ditch the glasses and opt for lasik eye surgery.
Martha Wash would have really been seen in the C and C Music Factory videos.
Milli Vanilli would have sported afros and made a living performing spoken word.
Crack simply would be Pop Rocks with a kick.
Superman would take mental health days and consult Dr. Phil.
Wonder Woman would retire and become a retail therapist so she could wear more than one damn outfit.
Cookie Monster would only eat sugar and gluten free cookies!
And all of us would have gotten our college degrees from Hillman!!!

I can gladly walk away with no equivocation
But your syndrome has spread from one person to another in this life
All expecting to live up to what you have presented on the screen
And try to portray in your reality
Maybe the only way for you to be true is to
Change your fake photo
Or forget your password
Try to Google a clue
Change your e-mail address
Shut down the MySpace page
Update your Facebook status (from all 5 pages)
I’d suggest starting all over again
Be reborn
It starts with…

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

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