Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coochie Control

Since the year 2011 began, there have been resolutions stated to ensure that the weight is lost and the body looks right for the Spring and Summer months. It is the same routine that many ladies (and men) fall into. The start of the New Year dawns fitness clubs and weight loss contests at work. Weight Watchers commercials and work out video sales increase. Doctor's that specialize in weight loss surgeries are in a boom and health food stores are raving over the profits that they make during this season. Plastic surgeons and body sculptors know that it is prime season to make a buck! I am truly proud of those that have stuck with and achieved their weight loss goals and healthy lifestyle changes. You are to be praised.

With the changes that have come to your body and improvements you have made, come the spoils that many women receive from us men. We men are (supposed to be) more visually inclined ladies and when we get a hold of the transformation of tight abs, plump, and firm booty... shapely thighs and slender facial tones and neck lines, we turn into sexual animals looking for that nourishment we call coochie. Ladies know this because the opposite happens when a man makes the same comparative improvements to our body...but I shall only focus on the latter. (Ladies, if you want to respond about us men, then by all means leave a comment!) Ladies understand that their sexual control over a man will increase because of these wonderful changes...I WILL BE THE FIRST TO SAY...NOPE!!

Many men may get upset over me writing this but, I will take that risk. Someone needs to say it and that person will be me...at least I'd like to think I am not the first to put this information out there, but digress! Ladies, your coochie control over a man will not change because of your "new" body. You see, real men do not try or attempt to get you in bed on the first night after a date or after the third month of dating you. We do not change up our attitudes and habits when we have gotten to know you as many other males may do. We do not want your coochie that bad to pressure you for it...that is not how REAL MEN will treat you.

However, we will marvel and talk with our boys about how banging' your body is. We will discuss with our male friends how good you look. We will discuss with our boys the before and after photos you like to show us or even place on social networking websites. (I am not trying to call anyone out that does that! Keep doing it to inspire others.) We men just understand that the more we get to know about you, the more time we spend with you, the more we talk and understand you, the more we connect, and no matter how long it takes...the more trust that is built, the OPTION...of having sex with you will always increase.

REAL men are not concerned with the fluff, and we do not need to use lines to get the coochie. We don't run game and have a plan in place to get the coochie; we just know that it is more advantageous to have the option of getting sex than the guarantee of getting it. The option is more important because it turns into the guarantee. So when many ladies inform their lady friends that the man has not pressured them into sex, please believe that your coochie is not in control of a damn thing. Your body improvements have done nothing to enhance your coochie powers.

There are those "boys" that will feed your head and ego with a bunch of bullshit! They wine and dine you and try to impress you and show you off because of your physical improvements. Example...The family Summer time BBQ! You can bet that you will be complimented every other minute and many ladies eat it up and can't get enough of it because their new body is causing the attention that some of them have been seeking to become a reality. These "boys" will fill your mind with words and thoughts that you have been wanting to hear! Example...the shopping trips that they accompany you to the mall and seem to be so patient with you trying on the new clothes for your new wardrobe for your new body! Even as dumb as these boys are they are able to get over on many ladies because then sense and feed off of the insecurities that are still within your now new and improved tight and fit body! You fall victim to this silly game and eventually, many women end up losing their coochie control and sleep with them. Then the astonishment that follows when it is revealed this boy is not looking for anything that is sustainable, because with all of the coochie control you thought you had, you were used, and yes you were used the same way that you would have been used if you had not made those physical and health lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, the thoughts of appreciation for who and what you are and not your body are not there with that boy that you slept with, so maybe the body improvements are not all that must be made!

If you sleep with a ramped dog that has not been to the vet...If you allow a dog to frolic in your bed that has not been groomed...If you take pleasure in not knowing where that dog winds up when you are not in it's presence...please believe that the fleas and other critters that are in your bed are of your own fault! It is not your coochie control and body changes that should only be made...strengthen your mind! Take pride in the fact that while you are on the workout bike that you have strengthen your mind to recognize who you are and what you will and will not take from a man. When you are in your Zumba class, gain more self esteem not in your sculptured thighs, but in the fitness of your sense of being and sense of understanding who you are. When in kick-boxing sessions, know that a MAN will accept you at any weight and with any look and that your mind makes you beautiful and fit. As you take that run outside in the elements or on that treadmill, know without a shadow of a doubt that you are losing weight and gaining in your physical abilities, not to gain more coochie control over a man, but for YOUR own life and for YOU only. I was a very large man many years ago and I learned that before any pounds dropped off of my body, that I had to know my worth and it starts in the mind. I wish good luck to those ladies and gentlemen who continue their quest for their health goals. Ladies, remember that coochie control does not begin with a membership to a health club; it starts with being a lifetime member to you!

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

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