Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Pink Panther

I know that I’m looking at you in our retrospect
Strangely these days
Please pardon my flabbergasted facial attitude
Sometimes I know you want to call
Other times I wish I could call as well
But to be realistic
I can’t control the head-prints of others on your pillow
I can only control mine
I continue constantly reminiscing about when you would whisper in my ear
Inviting me to take part in your honey tasting opportunities
Then our mutual taste testing episodes would proceed
So sweet, gentle, and satisfying every time you entered my domicile
Unfortunately those days and nights are gone
Dreaming that they were still around
Playful pleasing and tasteful teasing
Quenching our desire was always fun

Now I hear from some of our mutual friends…
So you 2 met at the party the other night
Now you have found someone new
I’m not hating, but I never thought that in the
Company of your girls you would ever feel this way
I thought that you only play with toys that don’t break
Do you remember me?
You never had to worry about changing or charging the batteries
The pulsation was never controlled by a calibrated setting
Your wrist won’t ever suffer carpel tunnel syndrome
Never will I be jealous, I know you love what I have
I’m much wider, longer, and stronger
Your artificial male, your pink panther
Could never replace me!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!!

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