Thursday, April 8, 2010

Straight nasty!

So the weather has warmed up considerably the past several days, and the folks are coming outside to relax and of course they are less dressed. (I do enjoy some of the sights that the ladies are presenting, but I digress!) Relaxation in the sun is a wonderful thing in some respects and in others it is quite sickening. Take for instance as I am walking to see about my transcript yesterday on the wonderful George Washington University campus and as I am walking by the student union building I see many folks laying in the grass reading, chatting, and surfing the net. Some are flat on their back taking in the rays of the sun and enjoying the weather. They are rolling in the grass hair all laying up in the weeds and grass blades.

I am laughing to myself because it is sickening to me. Why in the ham sandwich would you subject yourself to such foolishness? Hello folks don't you think the ants, pin worms, bugs, hell insects period feel like it is a nice day outside as well? Come on people that is straight nasty and they wonder why they have insect bites, scabs, tarnished is filthy to me. Look people sit on benches and chairs…please.That is what they are there for! That is disgusting. Remember if it is a nice day and warm and comfortable outside to you…then it is to the bugs as well!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO CLEAN YOU WITH HOLY WATER AND SOME LYSOL!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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