Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just Call Her...SUGASNACKZ!!

Could you call my doctor because I think my blood sugar is high?

Please… To answer your question...Yeah it's going to be that way for awhile

Forever (maybe) I am sure of it

She is so damn sweet…not Frosted Flakes (of corn) sweet, not like the chocolaty, peanut buttery sweetness from a bag of Reese's Pieces

Nah...I mean the sweet like a sugar dumpling grandma made with left over dough

sweet like sucking the honey from those flowers that stink so damn much

I mean I am hooked I can't lie

Maybe even whipped…

Just call her Sugasnackz

I know I am not supposed to indulge in sweet things but I can't allow myself to be deprived of her

She is a butterscotch shake; tasty and filling...her calories to me are like an orgasm from a woman that hasn't had one…hmmm…since she first got some

{Sorry had to get a little ghetto…excuse me… urban}

But for real I can't allow myself to exist without trying to taste her...smell her…hear her…feel her

She is so warm like putting on a shirt freshly out of the's warm and it soothes

Sugasnackz has a fresh style all of her own…her process of getting dressed makes me…excitedly endowed and ready...if you check what I'm saying

From the colors of the attire, the perfection of manicured fingers and toes, from the shine from her teeth...the girl is sweet

Victoria has no secrets to hide and the rumors are true

Bath and body works has nothing in the catalog so sweet and smells so delectable

That's Sugasnackz

Cool and chill

Subtle and smooth

Just call her Sugasnackz

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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  1. Brown sugar will get ya everytime! I enjoyed this post.