Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Settling for Perfection

No one is perfect…that is what many people exclaim.  The statement is true for the most part.  When dealing with dating, I highly disagree!  I refuse to settle for imperfection.  I am a very hard critic and I will admit that the smallest thing/incident/stupid statement/weird action/dumb discussion will turn me off and I lose interest quickly.  Isn’t it supposed to? 

Then someone will say to me…”Don’t sweat the small stuff”!  Tell that to a dog that has a flea on its ass and I am sure that the dog would highly disagree.  Small things turn into big things and thus, small things need to be dealt with before they are exacerbated.  I digress.  I have always said that the lady that I end up with will be perfect in my eyes.  My eyes are the only eyes that matter right? Since that is the case then she is perfect for and to me. 

That stupid 80/20 rule that Tyler Perry came up with is a fallacy.  The 50/50 song about love that Teddy Pendergrass sings is a farce as well.  One hundred percent and no less is how I figure it should be.  I am supposed to be 100% satisfied and happy, not an 80% success rate.  The love shared should come from 100% of both parties, not the equivalent of a 50% to 50% relationship. Share 100% of your love 100% of the time, I figure that it would be great for both parties.

I have asked myself the past few weeks, why in the world do I give chances to some women that I know are not of the 100% satisfaction rate? Why am I not satisfied when they are perfectly good women? I guess it is because I like having options and an occasional date or time spent with someone from the opposite sex is cool.

On the other hand, I don’t want to lead them on and secretly hope it fizzles out until there is a woman that excites me every minute and challenges this incredible mind I posses.  So until that time, I surmise I should tone it down with the dates and just enjoy my solitude even more.  Perfection will come along soon, I just can’t force it!

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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