Wednesday, March 13, 2013

_______________ At First Sight

I do not have an introductory word for it.  Can’t place a subject in the sentence… for as much as I try, there is no word. All I know is that when I first saw these two young ladies, I had to say something to them, approach them, and I was determined to get their name, phone number… something so that I could keep in touch and get to know them better.  Years later I am glad to say that progress has been made, and I am still intrigued by them.  I will admit that it is very hard for any woman to keep my attention.  As can be read in previous blog entries, I am one that is very hard to impress.  It is not that I am too picky (well maybe it is), but I am not in the mood nor interested in dating a nitwit, dimwit, spaced out, horny, skit-scat, hood rat, female.  I mean that with the greatest of respect.

I digress.  I don’t know what it is about “Sunshine” and “K-Boogie”, but they have really got me going nuts the past few years.  I have occupied my time with others and decided not to press too hard knowing that one of them is going to be with me at some point in my life.  If they aren’t, well all I can say that it has been great getting to know them and learning about them.  Funny thing is that, no one else has caught my eye or attention in that way.  Is it true that ___________ at first sight is true?  Is it just a weird and ridiculous saying someone thought would be cool to exclaim? Is the postulate nothing but refrigerator poetry?  In my life I have not known anyone to say it was __________ from the moment they laid eyes on that person.  I just know that I have not been able to place a word in the “blank”. I suppose it is meant for that “blank” to be filled after you land the person that caused the ____________ at first sight.  In any event, I will sit back and see. 

I Love You But, God Loves You More!

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