Monday, November 16, 2009

Married...Part Time.

I have a couple of friends that are married...part time. In other words the ring of trust (wedding band) goes on the ring finger when it is necessary and then disappears into their pants pocket when it is advantageous. I am not one who supports this ridiculous crap. In addition, one of these people happens to have a wife that is over 9 months pregnant and tried to talk to one of my female friends...WHAT? I could not beleive it when it was brought to my attention and I was very upset and apologized to my female friend for that type of mess.

Another friend of mine...we have NEVER seen a photo nor has he ever brough his wife to any of the parties I have hosted or any of the happy hours we have gone to. He says that his wife is "not very social and does not like to go out a lot". So I guess that is the reason he slips the wedding band off and attempts to talk to some of the ladies in the bar....and probably does his thing on the side. Such a horrible thing!

I am quite upset concerning these dishonest and stupid actions. How can you go home to your wife (or husband) and wake up next to them when you are not satisfied with the decision that was made to wed them? Do not try to live like you are not married when you actually are, it is WRONG! You are married full time not when you want to be. It is not just is women also. If you do not want a ring of trust then say NO or I DON'T at the alter!!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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