Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spantaneous Reactions...Part 2

I have smeared marks on my safety glasses...a sweaty and black smudged lab coat on from changing a tire last night. I was supposed to deliver something last night and I have a right rear tire that is flat when I walked outside. The firestone was closed so I went on and changed it and well went home. I am glad I keep a clean car but man it was soooo hot and changing it was a chore but I thank God I had some energy to change it and will deliver the package today. I am mentioning this because yesterday was a trying day and well it is all in how the perception of things are. I can either be pissed I had a flat tire...or be glad I have the ability and the funds to get new tires...which is what I am waiting on now...2 new tires and get the other new ones later.

My reaction to this is what is key...change the tire and keep going. Sure it might be an eye sore, for a little while but soon all will be back to normal and that you adapt to change. I was talking with a good good friend of mine that happens to carry a lot of clout with the "3 letter' people and I was going to inform him of one of his rude employees. I was asking about the person when he asked me a question that shocked me..."So you had the interview?" I said to him no. The rest is shocking to me because I must really be wanted. In order to go where I am and to have to take the methods I have taken so far...usually an interview is done...Thank God for this another sign of how things are meant to be and that I am truly in God's favor?

This morning I made my special appearance to pin one of my former students...who is my cousin since she says it would mean a lot to her and that I was her favorite teacher. So I get up this morning looking as only I can look and I am looking sharp...I'll take a pic later...and I go to the old school. appearance by the famous Mr. Harris! I am still in awe...I have never received so much love from those kids and the teachers as well. It is really one of those teary eyed things because I did love teaching and I did love being in that building being me and helping people to learn more than just chemistry...but about life as well. I did it my way...with a lot of humor and tough love. With a lot of listening to those students and learning from them as well. They do not hold on to stuff like us adults do...the next day they speak and go about their business..something that I am working on and getting good at as well...letting stuff go!

It is also amazing how people look at you when they have done you dirty...they can't look you in the eye. I smiled and shook the new principal's hand..he could not look me in the eye...we all know why. You can't keep a good man down...couldn't keep Job, couldn't keep Lazarus, couldn't keep Jesus...and you sure can't keep me down!! It felt really good to see my former co-workers again, and they all know that I can still teach my butt off if I wanted too...I still got the stuff baby!!

So there it is so far in one whole complete day...spontaneous to to know you have made an impact...and how to be humble...all in one complete and nice package. Now time to clean off the glasses and lab coat...until next time!!

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  1. Man, sorry to hear about the flat tire, but you're right, you are very blessed to have been able to take care of it and purchase new ones. Some people aren't that fortunate.

    I think a lot of people need to hearn how to let stuff go, especially the things you can't change. I believe if you do, you feel so much better, and you look better too! :-)

    I can tell you enjoyed yourself during your "reunion."...Mr. I'M RETIRED!

    I'm sure you'll get the same response when you return.