Thursday, April 23, 2009

What to do when your reaction changes?

Well here I am writing this first that is. I welcome all who read this and let me tell you...the things you may read might make you laugh, cry, get angry, a various portal of emotions...but I do not mince my words for anyone...thus...we shall begin.

Things are ever changing when I think that I am becoming stable. I have a great job that I am thankful for everyday and is a challenge at times, but I am still learning...I have not even been here a full 3 months yet, but I do feel like I am making an impact in the world of science...Chemistry to be more specific. Now, I get an e-mail from 3 letters that will change my life again! I am retired from teaching and I go into the lab from time to time...the lab I love...teaching I don't, but I digress. Three letters got in contact with me and now I have said yes to them...they will look through all the things I have done and whatever is in my C/V of life to make sure i am worthy of continuing...and to boot I get to talk to them and have my answers judged...FUN!! So now what do I do...If the price is right I will go again...and I can't move to anymore jobs. I have been one that will stay and move up...moving up the ladder rather than make lateral moves, and yes I am sure it will be exciting...I get to choose a new place to live possibly...and I think about being stable...well hey what can I do? I am one who will calculate the risk...and then take it. I am open to opportunities, and though I may be making relationships, bills, family distance, either large or small...I can not for the life of me just say NO!! Yes the even tempered, crazy talking dude that I am has a fire that really burns to not be complacent. I do enjoy the simple things in life and enjoy my solitude when I have a chance to get it...which is most of the time...but I am always hungry to do more with my life. I am always hungry to achieve, being finished with something is an accomplishment...but I want to do more than the others have...I want to make sure I am satisfied with my accomplishment, goal achieved, anticipated outcome complete...that's just me!

It may be a personality flaw...but again it is me. I don't apologize for being me...I will apologize when I am wrong...and I am not when it cones to this in my life. So I will now take off my safety glasses and lab jacket and place my pen down for now. I'll open my book up later...


  1. You definitely shouldn't have to apologize for being you. All of us should revel in the joy of excelling and accomplishing our goals. I say, go for yours and don't let anyone or anything hold you back. One of the blessings in all of this is not only accomplishing the things you want to achieve in life, but actually having someone there with you to share in it all. Do you plan to have that?

  2. Thanks! To answer your question I do plan to have that!!

  3. Do not EVER apologize for being you. LOL!