Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spontaneous Reactions...

I step into the lab with a lot of mixed emotions. There was something that happened here at work that saddened me...some people we laid off...and one of them was on my staff. I will say that from the initial time we were working together I had some concerns, and I was determined to see what I could do to get him and train him to be better. I must say that he is well on his way! I spoke with him earlier and he said that he was frustrated with me at the beginning....my deadlines...what does he want me to do next...and he thanked me for helping him to get it together. That makes me feel good. I would say for the past month or so he has been on fire and just really taking ownership on what he needs to get done...I am very proud of him and wish him nothing but the best...

Another part of my reactions are one of extreme uncertainty. I do not know what the heck I am doing...as far as work is concerned. I have a clue, and sometimes I know what to do but lately...I am a little lost. I know me. I am about production and getting the job done and moving to the next thing. I suppose that my either one thing or the other nature does not work well in corporate America, so I will adjust. Speaking with...hmmm...I want to use her nickname...well Kayla...lol... earlier put some stuff in perspective. I do not have to know every darn thing and it is okay not to know. I suppose ignorance is bliss at times and that it is cool not know. Enjoy the process of getting to know and be willing to make a mistake. I know it is hard for me to do but it will have to suffice at the time.

Next in the chemistry world you have 2 step reactions, because the first does not go to completion. One example is acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate... the mixing and reacting of vinegar and baking soda respectively...Carbon dioxide is produced, water, and a salt...I am being technical because I have made now a 2 step reaction. All paperwork is complete for 3 letter friend's but now is the second part...sitting and waiting. It seems it all comes at a time in which I am scheduled to move and I can't find a place I will be satisfied with...and then how long will I be there provided the 3 letter friends want to proceed forward...talking about your 2 step...multi step reactions. Oh well I will proceed with my life as nothing will change..keeping my mind ready for changes. Aha I suppose that this is what it is all about...adapting to change...whether it be a good or bad change...adapt, adapt, adapt! Lord Jesus help me!!

Speaking of changes, time to put the safety glasses and lab jacket back until later...

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  1. Don't you use that name up in here! LOL

    Being able to adapt to change is what my job is all about. I have to learn to adapt to situations, environments, people, etc. And it doesn't get any easier to me, because naturally, I'm shy. However, put me in my element, where I know the job at hand, and you won't be able to tell I'm nervous as hell.

    I believe you'll be fine. You have a lot going on right now. And because you're a bit out of your element, you're going to need some time to adjust. You're a very intelligent man, so you'll work it out and grasp what you need to.

    We'll pray about it.