Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Re-Introduction!

I have done a lot of "cutting off" lately. I have "cut off" people, started some new habits, and venturing out slowly but surely. It is a new re-introducing of myself...again. What that means in its entirety I do not know but, it seems I have to do it. As I have written in previous entries I have grown tired of the lip-service people happen to bring...friends and otherwise... and though some may find that I am being negative, I am being realistic. I am really tired of the stupidity and if I don't "cut off" the things that bother me...and don't speak on then I feel I am doing a service of malice to myself! It just brings to mind the humanistic stupidity that we ALL have. There are so many ideas of good and evil, right and wrong, negativity and positivity, with the billions of people on Earth, we just fight and bicker over it to the point of physical violence. I digress. I am entering a new period of re-introduction to the world. I can not say I do not like who and what I am right now, but sometimes a clearer definition without the frills is a good thing.

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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