Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I find myself at the point that I am going to snap. I should preface this by saying that this might be a season thing. I am not a fan of the summer season and maybe that is what this is, but my ability to tolerate is extremely shorter now than it has ever been.

If there is one thing that is probably my most recognizable trait (other than my intelligence) it is my skepticism. I have explained in previous blogs my distrust for people, but one way to really get me angry is to not keep your word! I have been brought up that all you have in life is your word and that you should honor it at all times. If there is something you can not do then you should tell the person you told that you could do something that you can't, and then have the courtesy to offer another solution or a way to be able to meet their request. Unfortunately, some folks on this Earth (if not the vast majority of them) have not learned that lesson. That is one way to get me to cut you off and never speak to you to not keep your word. I do understand that things may come up and arise that a commitment can not be made...then say so! Say it either before or after, but say something. I am sure some asshole will say, "I don't owe you and explanation!", when in fact it is the opposite. You do not know what the other party has done to try to meet your request or something that was done that was dependent upon your action either large or small. Explain something! It is a damn shame that folks can not do the simple shit and expect a large reward in return, or any reward for that matter.

Another reason that I am about to snap is the way folks just want to get in touch with you either initially or otherwise when they want or need you for something. Now why call, text, e-mail someone out of the blue to ask them something when you can not even do the same just to see how that person is doing. Folks then wonder why the other party is skeptical because they were not paid any attention to or asked anything until the requester of the favor decided to come to you in a candy coated fashion and ask you to do something for them. Why do that?

I have been a recipient of this on many occasions and I wonder why do people do that. Then another question comes to mind, if I am not able to grant your request who else will be or could have been asked? Interesting how people come and say that you are the only one that can help them knowing damn well that there are others, that probably told the requester no by other folks and decided to give you a try because you are the fool. I am considering the request that was made to me as I type and I do see some shadiness in it. The more I think about it the more I smell bullshit!

If you think this blog is one of it is not one of those but it is one to put folks on notice and also a reminder to myself. This blog could also be used by someone in the same situation (although I doubt it) as I am in with the shadiness of people and at my breaking point! If you feel that you are in this dilemma...CUT THOSE PEOPLE OFF!

I Love You, But God Love's You More!

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