Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Got Opinions?

I was called conceited. I was called unattractive/ugly. I was questioned as to why I am a genius (notice I left out the words "consider myself"). It has been said to others and myself that I am arrogant, aloof, stubborn, and etc. I have been called silly and a clown. I have been mentioned in passing as one who is wise and talented...intelligent and straightforward. I suppose I could go on for eternity but I want to make sure that what I am about to say is very clear, and you can also tell others the same thing when they have opinions and non-complementary thoughts about you.

Tell those people this: Your opinion and the words you say about me do not and won't ever affect me enough to change who I am. There is an opinion from someone that is more important than yours and my job is to please that person. I am a genius because I was made and told that I am a genius. I am very attractive and pleasant on the eyes because I was made that way. I am arrogant, because I am loved by someone that will ALWAYS love me for my aloof nature, my stubborn disposition, my silliness and acting like a clown, my wisdom and talents, and my intelligence and ability to be honest with folks even if it hurts them. I am what God made me to be and until your opinion outweighs His...I will not stop being who I am and loving it!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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  1. You are who you are and nothing and no one can ever change that. Why would they want to? I figure people can either hate or love who you are. It's their choice and should not have an impact you. If there is any sort of second guessing your personality or how you feel about yourself, then maybe you were not being who you really are.