Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Love's Hall Of Fame

I don't want to picture your picture but I do
It doesn't bring any tear stained tissues to my nightstand as they used to
It brings a smile to know that you are gone
and that you have found your happiness
Do I miss the things we used to do and say
The way we would talk and play...
I guess so but there is a time when you grow and become tired of that
I only picture you in a picture and nothing more
The usual questions the lovers in the past ask are
"Do I Miss You?" or "Do I Think About You?" and then the follow-up... "And How Much?"
I can honestly say that I don't miss it or I used to and never will.
I don't miss it anymore, and I won't miss it, because your frame has moved, your memories have moved, and I don't sift through them looking for pleasure...
they are just there as what bill collectors call "friendly reminders" that are not so friendly

There comes a point time when you stop making others happy and in order for you to be completely happy and over the past loves you must put them somewhere.
I place them in an area that can be on display to those who would like to have me as their future endeavor. I would also suggest you do the same. I plead that others who might be interested that they look at the photos of the busts and read their bylines in Love's Hall of Fame. Their purpose is only a reminder of what I have learned...and what I will not allow myself to do ever again. I truly think if you don't have a Hall of Fame on display that there is a problem.

Your happiness with the one you have now came through careful consideration and the mistakes that you made. Not only that but from the lies, unfulfilled promises, and utter disrespect the other party inflicted upon you and the goodness that you gave unselfishly to them, without hesitation or question.

Embrace the Hall of Fame and accept the good of it! If and when you find the one that you will spend the rest of your life with look back at the portal of your love and realize...maybe just maybe it was all worth it!

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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