Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coffee Pot Confusion!

That instant coffee is what does it for the tea kettle on the stove and wait for my water to boil. I like having the radio on to hear the weather report so I will know what to wear.


More disease in Rwanda, hundreds to thousands of more children die due to lack of medicines and famine!

Got to grab my tie! Uh where is that weather report!


Mother kills her children in a murder for hire money scam to gain back her estranged husband!

Did I get the French Vanilla Cream I like?


46 people assumed dead in a deadly train derailment...Let's go the Philip Richardson for more details!

Got to call her later, set it up for tonight! Loving this cologne on me!


AIDS continues to spread rapidly in highly populated areas such as Chicago, Washington D.C., New Orleans. Studies show the Black community still at high risk!

Make sure I am strapped!


Domestic violence believed to be the reason behind shopping mall massacre!

I don't shop at the mall anyway! Too far to drive the Beamer the way where is that weather report?

Breaking News:

Dangerous convict has just escaped prison and he could be armed! If you see this man call police as soon as possible!

Got to get some eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning because I know she wants to eat...damn I hate cooking...but it is good!


Economists say more decline on the way this year as 189,00 more people have lost their jobs this week alone! Unemployment benefits nearly maxed out!

I always like these that square toe in the front so the cuff hangs right!


More Middle-East violence as religious factions riot in a near by private school. witnesses say that the violence has now spread to harm innocent children!

Got all I need to get ready for this meeting at work. I am glad I am always looking good I this tie. Blackberry...cell phone...Got my jacket...time for the coff...


Gang violence on the rise as police try to control the local drug trade.


Now for local weather. Skies will be partly sunny and a high of 74 looks picture perfect here...hope it is where you are as well! Now back to Jessica Malone for more news!

Almost forgot my...

Did I hear the tea kettle...or was that a scream?

I Love You, But God loves You More!

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