Monday, August 17, 2009

The Miracle In You!

Falling in love is the simple work...maintaining the love is the task that is the most difficult. But I, for the sake of my life can't find what I am seeking in you. Chronicles of walking on water and raising the dead have been confirmed through the affirmation of faith and biblical tales. Dare-devils and life altering escapes from destruction and death have riddled the television frequencies and radio dials, but I still don't is indeed a mystery to me when it comes to you.

A life of traveling from heart to heart has taken it's toll upon mine. There are faded footprints and skid marks from all various brands of ladies shoes...even yours...walking in the forward direction toward my heart and soul...but I still wonder about you.

I can imagine myself sitting upon love's tree and the whistling wind chanting proverbs and proclamations of love from others that have sat on it's limbs. From some that I am familiar with, to those that I am not...but I am waiting to hear your name coupled with mine...and that I can't deny...but I don't want to weigh the branches down upon which I now sit. As selfish as I want to be, and as careful as I must...I descend from the branches still in awe about you...and I am still waiting.

I wish I could have been the person who was the author of your heart...and in a selfish sense I would have written the stories and fables to appease my mind and quench my soul's thirst to find it in you...and yet I wait selfishly like a child wanting the essence of the taste of candy...just for that child and that child alone to enjoy.

I am a believer of the sick being healed, of the dead being revived, of the escape from hurt, harm, and danger...of the near miss...of the would have, should have, could have...of the fortunate happy accident! I have mused within the ancient volumes of potential mistakes and mishaps that were beneficial to mankind...I just long for the one just for me...the miracle in you.

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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