Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Accept The Truth!

The realization of still loving someone is not the problem nor will it ever be. The fact remains that person does not love you back. Is that feeling hard to shake? Not really because I have had that feeling before...from another source. There are times when I will feel accepted and other times when I just don't feel it. How do I know? because I have been there once again many times. It happened with the denial from my biological contributor, and numerous times in my love life and recently with another person who wants nothing to do with me...which I have accepted and well...has prompted me to make other decisions that will manifest next month.

The purpose of writing this is to make clear that the old adage or cliche that..."There is someone for everyone!" is not true, not only for me but for many others in the world. I do believe I am supposed to be alone for the rest of my life. As hard as it is to realize it sometimes I do realize it more and more everyday. I have been told many things about me and my attitude and how I trust no one...and my lack of trust has augmented even more from the events of the person who wanted me to "let her in". I do not believe there is a woman for me. There will not be a woman who will love me for me and what not so I do not intend on even trying. Things will become even more difficult to decipher because of the major change to my financial status that will happen as a result of my law suit from the death of my mother...in which I will not give anymore details about until all is said and done. So this is it, I seriously doubt at this time that I am someone a woman might want nor would like to have. I am not mad or sad about it...I am being realistic.

I Love You... But God Loves You More!

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