Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Things A Black Woman Won't Do! Volume 2...We All Know You Ain't Broke!!

Here is a brief list of things that many Black women like to have done or do on a regular/weekly basis...

Brunch with the girls
Ladies Night/Club Night with the girls
The cry on my shoulder/men bashing lunch or dinner

None of the previously mentioned activities had a thing to do with a bill being paid. To be specific we shall name the bills...

Cell Phone
Home Phone
Car Insurance

Furthermore, none of the previously mentioned activities would a black woman say "I have to wait until I get paid"! to participate in. Therefore, most of us men know that if a Black woman says she is broke...that only means she does not want to dip into the reserve funds for the "rainy day", "sexy stilettos" found at the shoe store, or that "Fendi hand bag" that she is sure no one has in their hand bag collection.

I can admit I may be exaggerating, but for the most part it is true. I can remember watching my mother make ends meet on her teacher salary. On Saturday mornings she would have her bills and her check book set for her money managing time. After all was done she would get dressed to go to the post office and mail the bills off that same day. Bills Paid! Checkbook Balanced! Money put in Savings account! Left over money to do whatever she wanted to do with!

I never wondered how she was always able to do things and entertain herself at times, but she did it. As an adult, I remember asking my mother for some financial assistance and she would tell me she didn't have it, only to be told later that day or week that I should pay her back promptly and no excuses. A Black woman is never "broke"!

I am sure we have all heard of the special days in which a person may have an abundance of money...

Income Tax Return Day
Pay Day
Pay Day Loan Day
Settlement Day
Social Assistance Day
Bonus Check Day

and those days are eliminated from the times in which you should ask a Black woman to go half or "dutch" on something. My advice is to make sure she invites you! If she doesn't she won't pay. Just in case you do ask a Black woman, beware of the ramifications of what you may hear from a Black woman such as...

We are not together so you should be trying to wine and dine me..and maybe I can treat you one day! I am an investment and the more you invest the more return you gain in the LONG run.

I have (insert number of children or dependents if applicable). What makes you think I can take you out or go half on something? What kind of man are you?

What ever happened to a Black man or any man for that matter trying to court a woman? I guess chivalry is dead.

I don't get paid until (insert day of the week) and even then I still have bills to pay. Aren't you the baller? You are supposed to hold your woman down!

Now I am sure most men have heard something of the like that explains a Black woman's position on her finances, but truth be told, it is nothing as she says it is. Some Black women may not have the money, but I am pretty sure that she has the money to do whatever she wants to do but is tired of spending it on someone that does not have the same amount of earning power that she might have.

The next time you are trying to date or court a Black woman, notice her activities. Notice and pay attention to her look and clothing. Watch and listen to what her activities are, even to the specifics of what she drinks at the bar. It may surprise you that every time she screams out how she has no money...the activities mentioned at the start of this blog are done all of the time, without fail.

I Love You But, God Love's You More!

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  1. This can be for ALL ethnic groups. I am much older (over 39) and my group of friends are pretty self-sufficient (thus those that are not are rarely invited) so I will reframe from further commentary. Have a great weekend.