Monday, October 4, 2010


I can not deny that my hormones have been raging and it is because my side of the bed is empty since the last time “she” was there. I remember the times when we would just chill or look forward to a movie that we had both not seen. The movie is in the DVD player, the surround sound on and pumping and then we are hardly paying any attention to the damn movie! How funny it is to wake up hearing the same music and movie introduction repeat itself from the selection menu. Yeah, you know what we ended up doing...spoonin'!

I never really understood the importance of spooning until; I realized it was an alternative to sex. Now what I mean is that if we aren't going to do it...I want her to know (while spoonin') that I want it…yeah that I really want to do her, but since we aren't ready to go all the way...we spoon. It is all the great taste and feeling of sex, without the sweat and the fatigue (in a good way). We all know that spoonin' can sometimes lead to forkin'. Freaky circus, rug burn, crazed animal sex (damn that is some excellent shit) is all good at the appropriate time, but the sensation of having my arm around you...feeling your breasts, nipples, butt, and all other parts of her body with one arm is gratifying to me.

I can drive her feral with one arm and yet she won’t mind! LOL! We would still have our underwear on and wake up respectful, looking into her gorgeous eyes, and say "Good Morning"...yeah there are some dudes out there like me who can still do that. It is simple and yet intricate at the same time. I don't know if she expected me to kiss her neck, ask her to move closer to me, or when she asked me to hold her tighter, where I was going. Or why I can sleep soundly through the night only when she is next to me...but I enjoy spoonin'!

I don't know what the other fellas would say, but spoonin' is just as fervent as sex. You can sex anyone BUT you just can't spoon with anyone. The fantasy of the amount of head prints on our pillow should not be thought of as notches in our belts.

It takes a lot of work and a hell of a woman to be in my bed (let me reiterate) a hell of a woman! If a woman gets into my bed and gets to spoon with me, there has to be something within her, (not about her) that makes me want to hold her all night. She is a woman that has morals, sexiness in her walk and intelligence! She has values in her speech, codes that she lives by, and one not to lead me on in thinking one thing, when there is actually something else going on. I have had my share of that bullshit!! Maybe I should start a new trend among those who want to have a quality of life that is something that others (whom they want to sex) can see and respect called ...SPOONIN'!!

Think about it...

Spoons are always useful, and spoons are smooth and not rigid. Spoons are the same for the most part. They are used to feed infants. Spoon-like devices help to make and develop land. A spoon is an aid in creation. Spoons remind us of happy times, when the candy lady made that sugary ass, syrup ass Kool-Aid!

Spoons remind us of the tea grandmother used to make. I recall I would watch her stir and make the perfect iced tea. I remember my granddaddy and his grits, his oatmeal, and man how that food looked good on the it tasted was even better. I remember eating ice cream with a spoon and the looks on the faces of my students a few years back when they made their ice cream and how they looked at their creation on the spoon. I remember how my mommy would put the mayonnaise on the bread with a spoon and it was as smooth and even as could be.

Maybe I have taken this spoon thing way to far, but there is an importance to spoonin'. Think of the times you had a spoon in your hand and the uses of the spoon, just a simple spoon.

I look forward to the time when I am spoonin' all day and all night with her. I promise not to be a spoon hoe, or spoon whore...what the hell would that be called...I can't even think of it right now. So I submit this on behalf of the spoon.

I Love You, But God Loves You More!

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